The Best Friends Gang

Session the 4th
Disconcerting Things Under Sandpoint

Wesh and Cicero calmed the townsfolk the Best Friends Gang descend to the basement to find Ameiko, stepping carefully around the trap you set that would have trapped Ameiko had she broken free.

Finding her bound and gagged and unconscious, you free her, Wesh and Cicero stabilize and heal her. As she comes to, you tell her she’s safe and that her brother Tsuto is dead. She takes the news with a certain hardness, telling you how Tsuto kidnapped her, hoping to enlist her in his plans to assault the town with Thistletop goblins again. You also tell her that her father Lonjiku is dead; she also takes this news with the same hardness and with a measure of resentfulness that she’s now Sandpoint nobility, heir to a successful business and a manor. Cicero and Timothy will remember that her relationship with her father was rather strained, and in fact just a week ago Timothy prevented Lonjiku from striking Ameiko—that would go some length to explaining her seeming lack of feeling. Explaining to her that the Best Friends Gang is going back down to do some more investigating, Ameiko tells how as as children she and Tsuto would look for the smuggler’s tunnels in the glassworks that were the stuff of local legend. Ameiko posits that that’s what you’ve found and what Tsuto used to get the goblins in. Ameiko returns to the Rusty Dragon, but not before promising you free lodging for life whenever you’re in Sandpoint for saving her.

Descending down the old smuggler’s tunnels, the Best Friends Gang can see clear evidence that the goblins were sneaking through the beach and through the smuggler’s tunnels to get into Sandpoint.

As the Best Friends Gang continues, following the natural path along, you find two cave entrances. Exploring the one to the right, you found that it had suffered a cave-in long ago, while the one on the left looks to have recently been unbricked. Tsuto’s journal seemed to allude to this, discussing bringing the old quasit’s freaks up from below to aid in the assault on the town.

Going through the tunnel that to Bilius’s expert eyes was recently unblocked, you found a hideous creature, a Sinspawn standing guard, armed with a ransuer. Killing monster, you load up Cicero’s long-suffering unseen servant with ransuers that were stacked in a corner.

Following the natural cavern deeper the Best Friends Gang opted to cover their flank and proceed to the right; as you did, you found a kind of alter that Wesh recognized as an alter to Lamashtu, with a kind of grotesque fountain that seemed to refill any unholy water drawn out of it. Unable to stop the fountain from refilling, you elect to bring Father Zantus down later to consecrate the space. Proceeding, you enter a hideous cathedral and see a tiny demon hovering over a churning, roiling font filled with orange liquid; seeing you, she slits her hand open, dropping the blood into the font. As soon as she does, a grotesque Sinspawn rises up and attacks you. After some back and forth and some “accidental” blindings, you slay the quasit and Sinspawn creature she created, finding a +1 returning cold iron dagger. Identifying the font as magical, Bilius feels a strength of magic he’s never felt before.

After the fight, you return to the point where you left off. Along the way you find a massive statue that Wesh identifies as the Runelord Alaznist, angry and beautiful with her ransuer in her hand.


Proceeding forward, you fight several more of the Sinspawn in an old jail; Wesh, wondering why the organic matter like wood hasn’t seemed rot away in a place that’s clearly been untroubled for a long time, detects a faint trace of magic that seems to have kept this ancient place from aging. In the next room you find an ancient torture chamber. In a side-chamber the Best Friends Gang finds three prison cells with a skeleton in each; each creature, deformed differently, seemed to have been experimented on.

Moving forward the Best Friends Gang finds a room with a dozen holes in the floor; inside each hole is a zombie 20 feet down. In the corner Cicero finds a hideously mutated sleeping goblin; despite a failed coupe de grace on the part of Cicero, the Best Friends Gang manages to kill it. Proceeding to the south you find a set of stairs that been blocked up by rockfall. At the bottom of a set of stairs, you find a deeply strange chamber with runes that seem to flicker across the walls without forming words; when you step in, you simply float in air, as if levitating; the room crackles with magic. Finding it a dead end, the Best Friends Gang loops back to the portion of complex you hadn’t yet explored. Descending a set of stairs, you walk down a hallway and Bilius and Cicero find themselves paralyzed by the scream of a varghouli. Timothy successfully slays the foul creature before it manages to turn Cicero into one of its own. The passage below is blocked by cave-in.

Thoroughly disconcerted by the existence of such an evil place under the quiet town of Sandpoint, you vow to bring Father Zantus to consecrate the foul place.

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